#1 in designing new innovative products

Vesa Tiainen

I can give you better solutions and invent new products

Do you want to save money in the production process?

Are you looking for great automotive products?

Tuneko offers Consulting and Engineering work by the CEO Vesa Tiainen

Tuneko gives you amazing products like the "Ziptie-Plug" and "MightyDeck"-Trailers

  • Make production lean & cost-saving

    I saved up to 30.000 € or 10% of total cost per product

  • ENTP type inventor

    Only 2% of the world's population are ENTP personalities

  • R&D engineer

    Best of class automotive R&D engineer

  • winners attitude

    Challenges are an opportunity to learn something new

Me, my products and my projects

Who am I and what I have done so far
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Vesa Tiainen

Innovation Specialist
R&D Engineer
Get into contact – I bring new ideas and positive energy to any team.
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TUNEKO socket adaptor

Gives more space to open bolts
With this tool you can get 10-20mm more space to open bolts in tigth spaces. This means faster repairs and more profits.
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Ziptie Plug

Fastening innovation
With this Ziptie Plug you can innovate over 30 new ways to use regular cableties found everywhere. You can also reuse the plugs and in some cases also the cableties.
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Audi A8 1.2 E-TDI 3L

3 l/100 km fuel consumption @ 100 km/h speed in luxury sedan
Results: 3l/100km@100km/h, 0-200km/h 23s, CdA 0.23, 1.2TDI: 144hp, 350Nm-> 90,2kW/liter, 291,7Nm/liter, 60dB(A)@100km/h
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2l/100km fuel consumption @ 100km/h speed
Result for summer 2013: 2l/100km @ 100 km/h, 1.2TDI:120hp, 280Nm, 60-120km/h acceleration 6.0s, 1Mile 199.7 Km/h,

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